Flowdrilling and other services


Tube profiling is a complementary service that allows to mechanically pierce, mill and thread tubes. One of the most useful profiling services is flowdrilling, consisting of making holes in the tube by melting the material to push the threaded surface and extend it. It is widely used in the furniture industry, exhibition, automotive and machinery.

Tube marking

There are some applications in tube where it is useful to mark the pieces with a reference number that enables traceability. It is a service widely used in the automotive sector. It is to engrave the pieces with a peen system.


Pressing is a widely used in automotive and machinery option, which is to give a certain shape to the ends of a piece (eg, widen and flatten) by a specific matrix.


In Planes we know that our customers need to reduce the burden of work that involves a great effort, so we put all our infrastructure and experience at your service so you do not have to worry of tube processing at all. With our logistics service we manage the entire process from collection of the tubes to their delivery into the facilities of our customers after having carried out the desired services.

Need something specific?

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