Pipe deburring

The ideal technique for a perfect and smooth finish

Some cutting or profiling processes produce tubes whose finish is not completely smooth, which will require to remove the ridge left on the edge (known as burr) and polish it. The pipe deburring process is the one that aims to remove the burr and polish the edges and the surface of the workpiece to achieve a completely smooth finish.

Planes carries out brush deburring and vibratory finishing. This is a service that complements the saw cutting, so that every piece leaves our facilities with a perfect finish.

Brush deburring VS vibratory finishing

Brush deburring is suitable for long pieces of tube (200 mm to 3,000 mm in length), since it only deburrs the tube edges. Thanks to the action of the tines of the brushes, that scrap the two ends of the tube while it rotates on itself, this type of deburring removes burrs leaving the edges perfectly smooth. Then, to polish and brighten the workpiece, the tube is cleaned by means of compressed air blowers.

Vibratory polishing, however, it is suitable for small pieces of up to 250 mm in length, that get polished by vibration in sand and then in the conveyor, to achieve a smooth and shiny finish. It is very appreciated in pipes for automotive industry.

Pipe deburring pros:

  • Smooths the edges of the pieces after cutting
  • Polishes the pieces (especially the vibratory machine)
  • Prevents cuts (sometimes the burr is sharp)
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Tech spechs

Service Materials Type of cleaning Tube diameter that can deburr Tube length that can deburr Remarks
Brush deburring Iron, stainless steel Compressed air cleaning Ø 6-65 mm 150-3.000 mm Partial cleaning
Vibratory finishing Degreasers cleaning products Ø 6-152 mm 5-250 mm Total cleaning

Why choose Planes for pipe deburring?

We are a company with over 30 years experience in the sector.

We have the best infrastructure to provide efficient solutions.

We offer quality and good service at very competitive prices.