About us

A brief history

Ferros Planes is a company with over 30 years of experience in the tubing sector. It was created in 1985, initially focused on the marketing of steel products. In the mid-90s of the twentieth century it acquired the first machines for tube cutting, which was a turning point in its activity, making the company a pioneer in cut-to-size.

Its specialization in tube cutting was a success: Planes achieved a great growth, acquiring new machinery and expanding facilities and personnel, which led to new services such as laser tube cutting.

We are near you

Our facilities

Our 4.500 Sq m plant is in Martorelles (Barcelona), where work more than 20 highly skilled workers. Our privileged location in an industrial area 9 miles away from Barcelona, being close to the busiest highways of the metropolitan area, makes us an ideal partner for companies in the sector.

Why put your tubing work in the hands of Planes?

Planes has managed to detect a very specific need in the metallurgical sector: companies which manage tubing and machinery often do not have staff, facilities or logistics for tube processing and cutting, or the money to assume it. In this sense, Planes has managed to respond to this need with quick and quality service. Our services make these companies more competitive so, together, we are stronger.

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