Tube sawing with circular cold saw

Tube sawing with circular cold saw: versatility and good value

Sawing is one of the most versatile and used tube cutting methods. It enables the work with high production volumes, provides a clean cut (but then typically polished by deburring) and is cheaper than the laser..

This system is especially suitable for cutting small diameter tube or thin-walled tubes, which require close tolerance range (a measure refers to the cutting accuracy), producing a minimal burr. Being a cold cutting process (cutting zone is cooled with soluble emulsions in oil or synthetic oil to prevent blade teeth softening), it produces no heat affected zone, which can be a benefit for products requiring subsequent finish.

Tube cutting with circular cold saw VS Bandsaw tube cutting

Tube cutting with circular cold saw gives a much better finish than bandsaw cutting, and enables to work with higher volumes of production simultaneously . This is very useful in small tubing, allowing batch cut and making the process profitable.

Furthermore, tube cutting with circular cold saw make possible a greater variety of cuts (straight, grades, in short pieces, in large pieces, etc.)

Bandsaw, however, is suitable for large and thick-walled tubes that do not need a perfect finish, since these tubes are very complicated to deburr after its dimensions. In addition, it is cheaper.

Tube cutting with circular cold saw pros:

  • Cuts square and rectangular shapes as well as round
  • Cuts either thin and thick.walled tubes
  • Cuts soft and hard materials
  • Cuts in angle
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Tech spechs

Service Materials Types of cut Tube dimensions that can cut Wall thickness that can cut Tolerances Length of finished tube
Circular cold saw Iron, stainless steel. Round, square, rectangular, oval, semi-oval, profiles Ø 6-120 mm 0,5-10 mm 1±0,5 mm 10-4.800 mm

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