Bandsaw pipe cutting

Bandsaw tube cutting: big savings for large pieces

Bandsaw tube cutting uses a continuous strip of metal, available in several configurations of toothing. It is suitable for large tubes, and some bandsaws can handle large batches of product. You can cut tubes of 100 cm in diameter and 100 cm side in square or rectangular tubes, including very thick-walled ones. No other method of tube cutting can do it with the same efficiency.

However, because batches of large volume usually move in the cutting process, this method is suitable for jobs that do not require very high precision and therefore do not require a very precise tolerance or a very smooth finish. Sometimes it is necessary to give a spot weld at one end of the batch to prevent pipes from moving or slipping. This can add time and expense to the process.

Precise finish

Bandsaw tube cutting VS other types of tube cutting

Bandsaw tube cutting, as well as circular cold saw tube cutting, is included within the mechanical tube cutting group.

The differences are remarkable. While the circular cold saw gives a higher level of precision, different types of cutting and works with large batches of tubes of very small diameter, the bandsaw does not offer a level of tolerance as accurate (provides a less precise cut), only allows to cut vertically and is suitable only for large batches of tubes of large diameters and wall thicknesses. Both can cut round and square tubes.

On the other hand, mechanical tube cutting, either with bandsaw or circular saw, does not offer as low tolerance as laser cutting, or allows complex cuts, such as holes or other forms.

Bandsaw pipe cutting pros:

  • Can cut batches of large tubes
  • Can cut batches of thick walled tubes
  • It allows to cut all kinds of materials
  • It is the cheapest type of pipe cutting
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Tech spechs

Service Materials Types of cut Tube dimensions that can cut Tolerances Length of finished tube
Bandsaw cutting Iron, stainless steel Round, square, rectangular, profiles Ø 25-500 mm ±1 mm 50-11.500 mm

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